A Volunteer's Story: Deaf Child Hope

In July, a team of volunteers traveled to Addis for two weeks to work with the TrueLight Childcare Project. TLC partners with the organization Deaf Child Hope to care for the specific needs of TLC’s deaf children. Ginger Stanfill, a deaf interpreter in West Tennessee, traveled with us on behalf of Deaf Child Hope. Ginger shares about her experience with us:

As I sit here and reflect on my time spent in Ethiopia, I find it hard to put my experience into words. My objective for going was to get updates on the deaf children being served at TLC. Deaf children in poverty are at greater risk for being lonely, uneducated, and even abused. However, the deaf children of TLC are all going to school, their families love them and support them the best they know how.

TLC provides deaf adult mentors for these children. I had the honor of meeting two of the deaf adults, Abel and Tim. They, along with Ayele and Nati, are making a difference in these children’s lives. I witnessed them loving the deaf children, teaching them, and also giving loving advice to their families.

The few days I served there is nothing in comparison to the people of TLC and IOI that have dedicated their lives to serving the people of Ethiopia everyday. Ayele and Nati have the gift of compassion and service to all people. The number of lives being changed through their work is astounding. It was a privilege serving beside them and learning from them. They are a true example of loving our neighbor as ourselves.