October 2018 Update

TLC is incredibly blessed to have long-time sponsors who have supported our ministry since it's small beginnings. Over the years, as inflation has affected the cost of goods and services in Ethiopia, we have increased new sponsorship giving levels.

Currently new child sponsors are giving $35 per month. We are asking those whose sponsorship is less than $35 per month to consider giving a few more dollars with your monthly support to help us maintain our currently level of ministry and care to the TLC children. We understand that this additional giving may not be possible for everyone, and it will in no way affect your ability to continue sponsoring your TLC child at whatever level you are able to give.
If you are able to increase your giving, you may do so by copying the following into an email to annaworley@ioiusa.org:
“I authorize the increase of my monthly giving to the amount of $_____.”

We praise God for His continued provision and for the miraculous ways He has used our sponsors sacrificial giving to change the lives of so many children and families in Ethiopia.


Every year the TLC children decorate beautiful Christmas ornaments to brighten your tree. You can claim your ornaments ($25 each) early this year by pre-ordering here.



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