Christmas giving

Sponsors who wish to give their children gifts this Christmas...

As TLC has grown over the years, we have experimented with different forms of gift giving at Christmas time.  Many sponsors desire to bless their children through sending packages during this season, but due to space limitation and to minimize jealously between children, we would ask that you consider giving in the following way.

This year, we will be giving the TLC children much needed clothing and/or shoes.  We are asking that if you want to give a Christmas gift to your child, you can donate the money needed to cover these expenses. 

As always, if you would like to give above and beyond the cost of these items, we will use the money to meet the most pressing needs of the child and their family.

Although we are unable to deliver large packages to your children at Christmas time, we want to emphasize the importance of sending a personal note to your child.  We happily welcome you to send small flat items, such as letters, stickers, and photos as a means of encouragement.

Christmas Ornaments...

For the third year, TLC children have partnered with ministries and supporters in the US to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments.  Each TLC child painted a wooden ornament, and we partnered with sponsors in the states to apply a wooden overlay of the TrueLight flame as a reminder of our mission and of the light of Christ we celebrate at Christmas.

These ornaments are available to sponsors and the general public for $20 each.  Each ornament sold will provide a pair of Christmas shoes for a child.  If you order an ornament, we will do our best to send you the cross painted by your sponsored child.  

We anticipate having several extra ornaments as well, so if you would like to purchase as gifts for friends and family, they will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  But as a sponsor, you get the first chance at an ornament created by your child!

To guaranteed that you get your sponsored child’s creation (if available) please order place your order before October 30th.  Otherwise, the ornaments will be sold to the general public as a way to raise any lacking funds towards the purchase of Christmas shoes for each child.

Emergency Food Fund...

According to the World Food Programme, Ethiopia’s humanitarian needs “have tripled since early 2015,” and an estimated 10.2 million people are in need of “urgent humanitarian assistance.”

Many TLC families earn their wages as day laborers, employed on a day-to-day basis where work can be found.  In a market where the price of food is already inflated due to drought and famine, this most basic need has become even more difficult for families to meet as ongoing political unrest and violence are inhibiting employment opportunities.

Support comes at a low cost by U.S. standards, as a gift of $25 can provide enough grain to supplement an Ethiopian family’s diet for an entire month.